Service-Dominant Business Modelling in Transport Logistics

The purpose of the initiative by the TU Eindhoven is to perform a first exploration of advanced logistics with an outside-in business perspective, i.e., starting from the business models and the value they bring to logistics end-customers – moving only after that to core logistics concepts and technology. The goal is not to develop ready-to-use business models, but to explore the applicability of structured business model development in advanced, complex logistics scenarios, starting from the needs of logistics customers.

TUEThe approach is to perform the exploration in a hands-on setting with parties from practice that represent several classes of stakeholders in logistics. From this hands-on setting, first conclusions about applicability of business model reasoning can be drawn. These result in preliminary policy recommendations for enabling business model thinking in the logistics domain. The BESTFACT project provides an excellent context for this purpose.

BESTFACT TU Eindhoven Final Report