Project Structure

BESTFACT project idea and structure

EC-Objectives / Challenges to be faced:

  • Increasing competitive pressure in the global economy
  • Growing congestion and poorer accessibility (infrastructure gap in the enlarged EU)
  • Increasing oil price / persistent oil dependency
  • Deteriorating climate and local environment

BESTFACT in this frame facilitates the exchange of best practices for freight transport:

  • Identifying best practices and innovations for freight transport
  • Implementation actions
  • Dissemination

BESTFACT Introduction

BESTFACT builds up on the work of the projects BESTUFS, PROMIT and BESTLOG. It is as coordination and support action (Coordinating) funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

Start date: 1st of January 2012

End date: 31st of December 2015

The project coordinator is PTV Group in Germany working together with 17 project partners and many other experts and supporters forming a strong BESTFACT partnership.

The Workpackages are responsible for the methodology in terms of:

  • Freight transport BEST Practices
  • Impact assessement and transferability
  • Dissemination and knowledge management

Within three clusters, best practices and innovations in freight transport are collected and developed: