TRA2014 – Invited Session 5: Best Practices and intelligent solutions for Urban Freight Transportation

15th of April 2014

brussels_largeDate: 15th of April, 2014

Location: CNIT La Défense, 2 Place de la Défense, 92053 PARIS La Défense





Session title: “Best Practices and intelligent solutions for Urban Freight Transportation”

In the freight transportation and logistics sector of European cities, decision makers face the challenge of a slow market growth and a limited uptake of sustainable innovations in the industry. Such innovations are consolidation centres, IT monitoring of loading bays, or the use of alternative fuelled vehicles. In face of market barriers and challenges, the BESTFACT session on ‘Best Practices and intelligent solutions for Urban Freight Transportation’ looks at successful cases, management methods and policies to foster a wider diffusion of efficient solutions. 33 Best Practice cases for urban freight transport were assessed in the BESTFACT project and an overview will be offered.
The case of the city of Berlin is showing that the combined solutions of using distributed locker banks together with cycles for last mile deliveries improves emissions and flexibility for the clients. The case of Cityporto Padova demonstrates the profitability and lower emissions of a consolidation centre, access restriction and CNG vehicles use in the centre of a medium-sized city. The knowledge obtained in this BESTFACT Best Practice case was used already in other Italian cities, such as Brescia and Como. By developing a comparable methodology of assessment of Best Practice, by being business neutral and independent, the benefits of each solution can be compared to others, and, in presenting these cases to a broad audience, the transferability of the practice can be increased.
The objective of this session is therefore to further contribute to spread the knowledge on these and other transferable Best Practice solutions in city logistics.
The FURBOT solution, prototype and technology will be also presented; it proposes advanced technologies in the field of electric power supply and drive trains, wheel motors, lightweight high
strength materials, perceptual systems and intelligent controls.
The benefits and impacts for local communities and business profitability of the solutions presented, and the conditions for a successful replication will be discussed.