Growth of Small Scale Solutions in Urban Freight, Green Logistics and e-Freight

29th and 30th of January 2014

brussels_largeDate: 29th and 30th of January, 2014

Location: Brussels Info Place, 2-4 Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Summary of the BESTFACT Workshop

There is a current market tendency to be observed, in which small scale solutions develop within a specialised niche market in urban freight, green logistics and e-freight. This is especially the case for clean technology solutions such as small cargocycles, small battery electric vans, for consolidation centres and for the IT used in urban context.
The objective of this workshop was to have an exchange on the most up to date business solutions, markets, technology aspects and policy/regulatory frameworks designed to support the uptake of these small-scale solutions.
The focus of this workshop is to understand the condition for a future sustained growth of this type of business, and to understand whether in some cases the initiative has to remain at a small scale in order to be viable.
One of the key technology questions to enable growth, besides the development of suitable and clean vehicles, is to develop ITC solutions to integrate the last mile deliveries more efficiently in the supply chain. A central aim is to use ITC so that the vehicle and the logistics operations are better adapted to the customer and logistics provider requirements.
The workshop includes the findings of the ongoing BESTFACT project and its implementation actions.

In the following you find all presentations free to use and disseminate, the summary minutes of the debates and questions, and some photos.

Thanks to all participants and speakers for the great performance and making this event a success!


Day 1: 29st January 2014
Growth of Small Scale Solutions in Urban Freight and Green Logistics
Side-event: „Urban Freight in the 1st Horizon 2020 call + Q&A“
Henriette van Eijl, DG MOVE (EC) – Download

First session: Success stories, business experience and growth prospects

Welcome speeches
Michael Browne (Uni Westminster)
Marcel Huschebeck (PTV Group) – Download
Fleur Breuillin (DG MOVE (EC)) – Download
„GnewtCargo: Success, experience and growth prospects in London“
Matthew Linnecar and Nicholas Spencer (Gnewtcargo) – Download
„Delivery by e-cargo-bike in Groningen-Assen and in the Pro-e-Bike project“
Ronald Jorna (Mobycon) and Iduna Jongsma (Groningen-Assen) – Download

„The Green Link in Paris: Business case and growth“
Michael Darchambeau (The Green Link) – Download
„Txita San Sebastian Cargo Bike: Success story and growth“
Harri Zuazo (TXITA) – Download
„Cargo cycles trials and initiatives in Berlin, experiences and growth potential“
Johannes Gruber (DLR Berlin) – Download
„Merci in Centro Como & Brescia Ecologistics: Successful Best Practice transfers from Cityporto Padova“
Carlo Vaghi (Gruppo Clas) – Download

Second session: Success stories in public sector planning and policy, enabling good future growth conditions for Best Practices

„Success stories of small and clean vehicle use in Gothenburg“
Christoffer Widegren (Sendsmart Gothenburg) – Download
„Brussels Region Freight Plan“
Christophe de Voghel (Brussels Region) – Download
„Copenhagen City Logistics: Lessons learnt on small and clean vehicles“
Tanja Ballhorn Provstgaard (City of Copenhagen) – Download

Day 2: 30nd January 2014
Vehicle Solutions and Information Management in Last Mile and Interurban Deliveries

Session 3: Information management, IT requirements and vehicle solutions

Session 4: Use of clean vehicles for interurban freight transport

Apps &Co: Concepts and solutions for optimizing urban delivery for small scale fleets
Marcel Huschebeck (PTV Group)


Clean Urban Freight Logitstics Solutions (CUFLOS)
Michael Stie Laugesen (FTD)


How to combine green urban freight with increasing e-commerce driven demand for specific delivery options
Michael Darchambeau (The Green Link)


Electromobility for interurban delivery – the need for holistic business model
Peter Badík (GreenWay)


The SMILE approach and tools to city logistics
Alberto Preti (ITL)


Patrik Akerman (Siemens):
eHighway – connecting cities with electric heavy-duty road freight

Video 1 (94MB)
Video 2 (47MB)

MixMoveMatch – advanced distribution management
Jan Tore Pedersen (MARLO)


Bio fuels in a real life transport and logistics application – The B&Q experience
James Westcott (Gasrec)


Emakers as network for last mile delivery companies
Gonzalo Fornies (Emakers)


Session 5: Small vehicles, information management, clients perceptions, issues and solutions for last mile deliveries

„Volvo and Renault clean vehicles and IT solutions supporting a more efficient urban freight“
Denis Caux (Volvo Group) – Download
„Iveco vehicles and IT solutions for clean deliveries in city logistics“
Eugenio Morello (IVECO) – Download
„Electric vehicle use in the logistics chain“
Philippe Lebeau (VUB) – Download