Growth of electric freight business: Gnewtcargo in London

25th of September 2014

BESTFACT Urban Freight Workshop: „Growth of electric freight business: Gnewtcargo in London“

londonDate: 25th of September 2014

Location: University of Westminster, Marylebone Road 35, NW1 5LS, London


The objective of this workshop was to present the business solutions, technology, policy and regulatory frameworks designed to support the uptake of electric freight, from the point of view of Gnewtcargo.
Gnewtcargo is a London based business operating in Central London, making deliveries with a fleet of electric vehicles and tricycles. It started in 2009 with a fleet of 9 vehicles for about 800 deliveries per day, and has now grown to a fleet of about 100 electric vehicles in 2014, making 10 to 20,000 deliveries per day. The first part of the Workshop dealt with the conditions for growth at the different business stages, from start-up to large-scale operations. The perspective of Gnewtcargo was presented and discussed.
During these years, Gnewtcargo was receiving very occasionally public policy support and no financial support from the local authorities. The second part of the Workshop will focus on public policies and the conditions for replications and potential future support in the frame of city logistics activities. The workshop included the findings of BESTFACT Best Practices in Urban Freight, and of the implementation action GNEWTGROWTH.

Report of the workshop

BESTFACT Urban Freight Workshop: Growth of electric freight business: Gnewtcargo in London
Welcome & Introduction
Marcel Huschebeck, PTV Group
First session: GNEWTGROWTH: Growth of electric freight business in London, the case of Gnewtcargo
Matthew Linnecar, Gnewtcargo – Download
Questions and Answers
Second session: Public Policy support for electric freight and sustainable city logistics solutions
BESTFACT Best Practice case studies, transferability and lessons learnt from GNEWTGROWTH
Jacques Leonardi, Uni Westminster – Download
Questions and Answers