Conference: Smart Logistics Best Practices

11th of April 2014

brussels_largeDate: 11th of April, 2014

Location: La Grande Arche de La Défense , Paris ‎(French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy)





Overall objective of the BESTFACT conference ‘Smart Logistics Best Practices‘: making better use of existing infrastructure capacities’ is to contribute to a new vision for future green logistic chains.

Besides the development of long haul infrastructure (morning session), new concepts of cooperation and collaboration between international and urban logistic stakeholders need to be discussed and tested in scenarios (afternoon session). Fact is that most citizens will live, work, move around and transport goods in urban areas in 2030. Smart solutions need to be elaborated in scenarios which aim at bridging current long distance – future short distance haulages.

The BESTFACT conference focused on the improvement of the use of existing capacities in the logistics sector. The venue of this important event was the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The (EU) authorities will use the outcomes for the future Logistics Action Plan and TEN-T policies.

After the EUs introduction, Panteia gave an overview about ongoing TEN-T projects in the field of corridors, their aims and first results. The interaction between Green Logistics and corridor management was shown in the presentation by VTT from Finland. This will be used as inspiration for future corridor managers. Emerging markets will be in reach for participants that will learn about impacts of the development of east-west-corridors (East West Transport Corridor Association). From an industry perspective, Hewlett-Packard, one of the world largest suppliers of intermodal & logistic tools,  shared their experiences on Asia-EU corridors.

After lunch, Procter & Gamble, in cooperation with Ecole des Mines (EDM), offered the audience the possibility to share and formulate innovative concepts that may lay the foundation of city logistics in 2030.

The EIA is proud that several involved members (HP, P&G, EWTCA) have contributed their expertise to this important event while respectable (scientific) BESTFACT partners safeguarded a high quality of analysed freight best practices.

In the following you find all presentations free to use and disseminate.

Thanks to all participants and speakers for the great performance and making this event a success!


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Conference Smart Logistics Best Practices Presentations
Welcome & Introduction
Marcel Huschebeck, PTV Group – Download
Fleur Breuillin, European Commission – Download
TEN-T status: logistics in corridor projects
Menno Menist, Panteia – Download
Green logistics and sustainable corridor management
Jenni Eckhardt and Antti Permala, VTT – Download
East-West transport corridor as a promising inter-regional transport link
Algirdas Šakalys, EWTCA – Download
Intermodal & logistic technology in market realities
Thomas Scherer, Hewlett-Packard – Download

Sustainability Award for Freight Transport & Logistics – Ceremony

Introduction Download

Award DistripolisDownload

Award KokobahnDownload

Award VikingtrainDownload

Future (city) logistics in 2030

Introduction EDM student scenario initiative
Sergio Barbarino, P&G – Download

Afternoon workshops
ARMINES, P&G – Download