2nd International Physical Internet Conference

6th till 8th of July 2015



The Second International Physical Internet Conference will be held from 6th to 8th of July in Mines ParisTec in Paris, France. This Conference will be following the first IPIC conference organized last year in Qu├ębec. It will be also a joint event with the end of Modulushca project, to present the advances in the concept of Physical Internet and Logistics operations.flyingboxes

In addition, other relevant initiatives as Bestfact and Logicon will be participating. The Conference is an opportunity to meet the highly dynamic environment of European projects, share views, build consistency across continents, markets perspectives and problems to solve to make it append.

There will be keynotes from key stakeholders of supply chains: manufacturers, retailers and 3PL and academics will focus on subjects like norms, handling of boxes vs pallets, etc. And participants will be from all over the world (researchers, industrials, international institutions members, Local authorities…).
Please, check the programme here.


The full conference registration allows you to participate to all conference sessions; conference material, Modulushca closing event, BestFact ceremony, gala dinner, Lunches and Coffee Breaks.
The rates are already available here.