Eco-efficient solutions in freight transport chains

21st and 22nd of June 2012

1st International Cluster Workshop

amsterdam Date: 21st and 22nd June 2012

Location: ABN-AMRO, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to discover a best practice related to Urban freight, Green logistics, Co-modality and eFreight? How to learn from industrial, city or administration cases? These issues were at the centre of interactive discussions of more than 60 delegates at the BESTFACT 1st international cluster workshop „Eco-efficient Solutions in Freight Transport Chains“. High level speakers from quite different fields related to freight transport showed that a very good balance of transport, spatial planning, economy and environment will be needed as a contribution to the common goal „minimization of the number of freight movements and their distances“ delivering benefits to the whole European society.



Cluster 1
Cluster 2
Cluster 3
Technical Visit


Day 1: 21st June 2012
Cluster Workshop – Plenary sessions moderated by Thomas Zunder
Welcome speeches
Bart Banning, Edzard Enschedé (ABN AMRO Bank)
Menno Menist (PANTEIA) – Download
Herman Journée (Port of Amsterdam)
Fleur Breuillin (DG MOVE (EC)) – Download
„Sustainable mobility policies and most promising CO2 saving initiatives“
Peter Wolters (EIA) – Download
„Eco-efficient solutions in freight transport chains“
Annemieke de Leeuw (Connekt) – Download
Arjan Wierda (Wavin)
Liane Philipsen (Wim Bosman Group) – Download
„BESTFACT: The best practice initiative in freight logistics“
Marcel Huschebeck (PTV Group) – Download
„Key issues and priorities: Survey results on strategic Targets and Key Challenges in freight transport“
Simon Bohne (Rapp Trans) – Download
Introductions to BESTFACT clusters

  • „Electrification and consolidation in urban freight“
    Michael Browne (University of Westminster) – Download
  • „Enhancing collaboration and consolidation towards green logistics and Co-modality“
    Phil Mortimer (University of Newcastle) – Download
  • „eFreight as enabler for green freight management“
    Roland Frindik (MARLO) – Download
Technical visit: Boat Cruise to the Port of Amsterdam
„Most recent developments at the Port of Amsterdam“

Herman Journée (Port of Amsterdam)

Day 2: 22nd June 2012
Cluster Workshop – Parallel Cluster sessions and roundtable

Urban freight

Green logistics & Co-modality


Matthew Linnecar (Gnewt Cargo):
Gnewt Cargo operations with electric vehicles and Cargocycles in London


Introduction by Phil Mortimer (UNEW) Introduction by Roland Frindik (MARLO)
Steve Steele (TfL London):
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme in London


Jeroen Bolt (TRI-VIZOR):
Best Practices for horizontal collaboration (CO³ project)

TRI-VIZOR channel

Jaco Voorspuij (DHL):
Carbon footprint reduction by efficient supply chain


Christophe Ripert (SOGARIS):
SOGARIS Logistics Hotel projects in Paris


Karel van Dijk (FloraHolland):
Co-modal initiatives by FloraHolland


Tilman Platz (MARLO):
Methodology on carbon footprint accounting


Peter Sonnabend (DHL):
Current DHL solutions on green logistics and urban freight


Pieter van den Bold (InnovaTrain Ltd):
New innovative intermodal solutions for time sensitive urban transports in Switzerland


Marten van der Velde (Portbase):
Portbase in the green corridor


Julius Menge (Berlin Senate):
Berlin Urban Freight Policy: Current Developments and Projects


Lean & Green ambassador NL:
Lean and Green: the Next Step


Ben Radstaak (ACN):


Birgit Hendriks (Binnenstadservice) and Hans Quak (TNO):
Towards an urban freight consolidation centre network
– Binnenstadservice lessons learnt –


Maciej Tumasz (UNEW):
Rail in servicing national supermarkets in UK


Petr Kroča (GETA):
ICT Solutions for European Green Transport