Sustainable Port-Hinterland Logistics


Insight in the day to day functioning of a Circle Line that functions now in practice: the daily challenges and options for solutions and how is it kept going.

  • Report: comprehensive approach about implementation of circle line
    • survey
    • interviews with relevant cooperating companies and organisations
    • critical success factors
    • legal issues
  • test and validation findings within ongoing initiatives


Interviews have been conducted with representatives from

  • Sita,
  • Tata Steel,
  • Flora Holland,
  • Studio Veiligheid Foundation,
  • Technical University Eindhoven,
  • APMT,
  • ECT,
  • SCS,
  • Multiport,
  • TMS,
  • the Project leader of project for design of Operational Chain Management System for Circle Lines,
  • the Project leader of IT sustainable chain management support system for Circle Lines.


Report: comprehensive approach about implementation of circle line

Two basic requirements:

  • a sufficient large and continuous stream of cargo and
  • cooperation of all companies with operational tasks in the chain



  • increasing un-reliability of transport
    • road congestion
    • increasing environmental impact
    • expected scarcity of operational personnel in ports, transport and logistics and
    • expectation of substantial further growth of transport.
  • Daily Maersk (a daily service with 70 Mega container ships)

BESTFACT Handbook CircleLines