Cargobikes in Groningen/Assen

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In the dutch region of Assen and Groningen, BESTFACT supports the local administration in advertisement and distribution of electric cargo bikes. Local SMEs get a financial support for buying a cargo bike. In return, they provide BESTFACT with data on the usage of the bike. By that the practical use of e-cargo-bikes for urban distribution can be demonstrated.

  • Co-operation between twelve municipalities around the cities Groningen and Assen and the provinces Groningen and Drenthe
  • Duration: 12-16 month
  • Financial support for buying a cargo bike
  • 2 bikes for renting for free
  • Survey, evaluation, dissemination
  • Report


Activities carried out:

  • Contract between PTV and Region Groningen-Assen was signed in August 2013.
  • Companies can book e-cargo-bikes in order to ‘experience’ the e-cargo-bikes for a period of two weeks.
  • Communication action started in October 2013 (launch at the Week of Sustainability)

Achievements so far:

  • One e-cargobike has been bought for trials in the Region Groningen-Assen. Fully booked till March 2014.
  • Cook-ing (distribution of meals to customers) bought a cargobike.
  • Jan van Dijk is musician and consultant. He has expressed interest in buying an e-bike
  • The following publicity has been raised about the e-cargobikes and BESTFACT:
    • Regional television interviews
    • Regional newspapers interviews and free publicity
    • Twitter, Facebook


BESTFACT eCargoBike Final Report