All Best Practices

A best practice considered for BESTFACT is characterised by the following attributes:

  • Best practice includes an innovative and feasible approach beyond the common practice
  • Best practice addresses both business and policy objectives
  • Best practices have considerable and measurable positive effects on strategic business and policy targets
  • Best practice should be transferable to other companies, initiatives or contexts

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Cluster 1: Quick Info Sheets on Urban Freight
Use of battery-electric tricycles and vans for retail distribution in London: Gnewt Cargo
Distripolis: Urban Consolidation Centres and battery-electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries
CITYPORTO – Last mile deliveries in Padua
Logistic tool for delivery management in exhibition centres, MCH Messe Basel
Binnenstadservice Nederland: Inner city deliveries
Electric vehicles use in parcels deliveries in Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg
Supermarket stores deliveries using waterways in Paris
Multiuse lanes for freight distribution in Bilbao
Bentobox and ‘urban freight laboratory’ area in Berlin
New loading/unloading regulation and parking meter/loading bay surveillance technology in Lisbon
Route optimisation of waste collection in an urban environment in Maribor
Electric freight vehicle with trailers: Cargohopper in Utrecht
Zero-Emission Beer Boat in Utrecht
Urban distribution network of four major grocery retailers
Citylog EMF (efficient, modular, flexibel) – Electro-Multifunction-Transportation vehicle
ILOS – Intelligent Freight Logistics in Urban Areas: Freight Routing Optimisation in Vienna
i-Ladezone: Intelligent monitoring of loading bays in Vienna
City Logistics in Copenhagen using an Urban Consolidation Centre
Urban freight distribution with electric vehicles in San Sebastián
Clean vehicle and city logistics scheme in Brescia
Urban freight delivery B2C solution with clean vehicles: Emakers
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS ) in London
GOFER: a cooperative system for freight management and regulation
Gothenburg City Logistics Initiatives
La Petite Reine : Home deliveries using Cargocycles® and electric vans in Paris
Lean and Green Municipalities (Connekt) in the Netherlands
Urban distribution of small parcels using self-service terminals in Lithuanian towns and cities (LP EXPRESS 24)
Marleenkookt meal deliveries in Amsterdam
Post Receiving Box by Austrian Post AG
The Green Link: last mile deliveries with electric cargo cycles and vans in Paris
Use of electric vehicles for parcel distribution at UPS Karlsruhe
Beaugrenelle (Paris 15ème) Urban Logistics Centre
Parcel and small cargo delivery using interurban bus system (KAUTRA)
Electric Removal Truck, Aad de Wit Verhuizingen
EMILIA – Electric Mobility for Innovative Freight Logistics in Austria
Smart Urban Logistics
LOGeco − eco-friendly logistics
Delivery to a C&A store in Berlin with low-noise electric trucks of Meyer&Meyer
Mokum Mariteam
Brussels Strategic Plan for Urban Freight
Environmentally friendly paper supply to municipality buildings: the case of Amsterdam
Paris Low Emission Zone
Low emission zone Rotterdam
Cluster 2: Quick Info Sheets on Best Practice in Green Logistics and Co-Modality
Motorway of the sea Nantes-St Nazaire, Gijon
TK ‘BLUES First Extra-financial rating Agency taking care of the environmental footprint in the logistics chain
New Service: Rail transport between Trieste and Bettembourg
CO3 – Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality
EcoTransIT World – Ecological Transport Information Tool
Photovoltaic Plant (Terminal of Gallarate, Italy)
RECODRIVE – Rewarding and Recognition Schemes for Energy Conserving Driving, Vehicle procurement and maintenance
Southampton-Midlands Rail Corridor Loading Gauge Enhancement
SimConT – Simulation of Inland Container Terminals
Express rail service between North and South of Germany operated by Hellmann rail solutions
Green Barge – FloraHolland
Green Rail – FloraHolland
Trivizor (Orchestration in Horizontal Collaboration)
Argonon, LNG Dual Fuel in inland waterway transport
Lean & Green
Fresh Corridors
Walstroom (Shore power)
Translifter Cassette system – TTS Liftec Oy, Finland
LIPASTO Traffic Emissions Database
ContainerMover 3000 truck-mounted rail-road transhipment technology for ISO-containers and swap-bodies
Cargo-Pendelzug pendular train with hybrid power operating as a liner train
Kockums Megaswing pocket wagon with horizontal transhipment for semi-trailer
Regionalization and privatization of the railway line „Traisental“
CargoObserver – Container Monitoring in Combined Transport
Gasrec/B&Q dual fuel (biomethane – LNG blend) for warehouse-to-store deliveries
ENUBA2 – Electric mobility in heavy commercial vehicles to reduce the environmental impact on densely populated areas
International East –West Transport corridor Association (EWTCA)
– Upgrading of Ferrarese waterway to Class V –
Green Freight Transport Cluster
Green corridor in the North Sea Region High Capacity Transport Corridor (HCTC) – GreCOR
Operation of GreenWay electric vehicle fleet at a distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical materials – Med-art
Optimisation of packaging waste management in HIDRIA (Slovenia)
Triple-E means Economy of scale, Energy efficiency and being Environmentally improved. This is the case with the new generation of very large container vessels.
“Objectif CO2” : Voluntary commitments program to reduce CO2 emissions of the road freight transport operators
Swiss federal CO2 ordinance applied to freight transport policy – Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Vert chez vous, an urban logistics with 100% environmentally friendly vehicles, and offering multimodal transport combining bicycle and river transport.
Motorways of the Sea Klaipeda – Karlshamn
Lekkerland – multi-temperature delivery
MOBILER – Innovative transport logistics
Integrated Central Klaipeda seaport terminal
Marco Polo project by Mondelez
ISU – Innovative Semi-trailer Handling Unit
Green Rail Logistics for excavated material on construction
AAE Pocket Wagon. Ahaus Alsatter Eisenbahn Holding AG
PLANZER operating an E-FORCE truck
Malcoms 50’ container for domestic application within the UK
LNG RoPax ferry Viking Grace
Lorry-Rail: rail motorway Luxembourg – Perpignan
Rail Short Haul Operators – RSHO
NIKRASA – Non craneable semitrailers become craneable
Cargo Domizil
CMDU Multimodal City Distribution Centre Lille
The shipping agents GIE “Pointe de Bretagne”
Mutual Distribution Service departing from Le Havre
LoginWaste, reverse waste logistics service intended for shops and small businesses in Nantes (France)
Drax high capacity biomass wagon
E-CEP-Service-Trial by Schachinger & Greenway
Council for Sustainable Logistics (“CNL – Council für nachhaltige Logistik”)
SPORTINA – Integrated Management of the Logistics Flow (Sportina Bled Ltd.)
Green Logistics for Red Tomato Sauces (CEPIM)
Transport by short distance train in automotive industry – SEAT
Rail line creation and network link to National Retail Distribution Centre
SMart green Innovative urban Logistics for Energy Efficient Mediterranean cities – SMILE
Cluster 3: Quick Info Sheets on eFreight
Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea (MOS4MOS)
KoKoBahn: Verbundprojekt KoKoBahn Koordination und Kommunikation Bahn (Coordination and Communication Rail)
FREILOT- Urban Freight Energy Efficiency Pilot
ParckR – Information system for truck parking
Truckinfo (
TIEKE Verkottaja service (TIEKE, The Finnish Information Society Development Centre)
Visy Access and Area Control
e-Cargo Pouch, Make paperfree global cargo a reality
Freight and Goods Information System – KIPIS
Implementation of an IT system based on the APOLLO Framework in order to replace several legacy systems with holistic solution of the ERP type
MixMoveMatch (M3)
Italian VTS (Vessel Traffic Services), focusing on PMIS (Port Management Information System) subsystem
Freight Arranger
AMATRAK – Autonome Multiagenten Transport Koordination
Smart Port Logistics at Hamburg Port
ITS Adriatic multi-port gateway developed by the Northern Adriatic Ports Association (NAPA) including the port authorities of Ravenna, Venice, Trieste and Koper and Rijeka port
Single Window Odessa
FREIGHT 4 ALL – A distributed and open FREIGHT transport ICT solution 4 ALL stakeholders in the Mediterranean area: ITALY-SPAIN Demonstrator
FREight Transport Information Technology Solutions (FRETIS) – Intermodal Freight Terminal System (IFT) developed by TREDIT S.A.
MODINT – Bundling at the source
Application of a new routing and loading system for road freight transport of pallets – Optrak software
ePort – Port management system incorporating RIS
Miscobiva – Management Information System Container Binnenvaart
Intermodal Links
iCargo Monitor
Track.Agheera – independent telematics platform
Lithuanian state border crossing online booking system (EVIS)
Palletways POD (Proof Of Delivery) and PASS (Palletways Archway Scanning System)
TRANSit project. E-platform for intermodality
ICT system addressed to integrated logistic management and decision support for intermodal port and dry port facilities – SAIL
Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Environment sustainability – MIELE
Rail wagon and locomotive dentification, case VR Transpoint
Goodpack Bulk Container Tracking System
BLU (TaT project) – control system for container-loading stations in intermodal transport
LISy – Logistic Information System
GS1 Despatch Advice by FrieslandCampina – Jumbo
GAIA – Generalized Automatic exchange of port Information Area
ARGES: pAssengeRs and loGistics information Exchange System
The Adriatic Port Community – APC
Central Booking Platform (CBP) Antwerp